Vision & Mission Statement

Vandesteeg1 013“To deliver the best product possible, with detailing and craftsmanship that is second to none. To work with the owner and the design team in a thorough and professional manner, to the extent that is required and agreed to, and to do all of this within the budget constraints, as determined from the start. No matter what the scope or magnitude of the project might be.”

At RDB, we take great pride in not only the beginning of the project as friends with our clients, but ending that way also!

In over 30 years of business and countless projects, RDB has never met a challenge we cannot face, a problem that cannot be solved, or resolve an issue with a client that resulted in arbitration, or litigation, EVER! This is almost unheard of in today’s modern construction world.

We tell our clients frequently, that “Once we’ve worked with you, we are married for life!”

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