Hands on Expertise

At Rainbow Design Builders, Master Craftsmen and Journeymen are the rule, and not the exception. Whether working for RDB, or sub-contracting a trade, only the best will do! On any given day, there will be hundreds of years experience on the job. We demand and expect the best from our subs and our people. We take years developing our relationships, and at RDB a relationship is every bit as important as a bottom line.

Trusses on truckFurthermore, we are “hands on,” from the top down. And unlike most other firms, do not hire a high priced Superintendent to run rough shod over a project in an attempt to control a multitude of sub-contract labor, on multiple jobs, who are mainly worried about their own bottom line!

We run all our own crews for all carpentry, including framing, with the ultimate goal of working as a team, to deliver the best work possible, with true Craftsmanship in mind, at the agreed upon price.

Our number one motto is, “From the top down, if you work here, you get dirty for a living! Braggarts and slackers need not apply!”

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