“The Workmanship is flawless.”

“Dan Kurdy of Rainbow Design Builders completed the design and installation of an Oak paneled Library, complete with accented bookshelves and cabinets in the Brian Lawrence residence at Mounterra in Woodenville, Washington in the Spring of 1991.

Dan followed the owner’s instructions, kept to the budget and completed the installation in the agreed upon timespan. A most unusual accomplishment in the home construction industry. The accomplishment will eventually be lost, lost in history, but what will remain is a Library of unique craftsmanship and design.

The workmanship is flawless. The design is compatible with the architectural style of the house and the accents which he designed into the bookcases can be traced to the rest of the house.

We have proof that Dan Kurdy is an outstanding designer and is one of the finest craftsman in the home construction and finishing profession. He is, in our experience, an outstanding craftsman producing work of excellence.

We have no reservations in recommending Dan to anyone desiring outstanding design and workmanship of the highest quality.”

Brian P. Lawrence

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