P1010221Dan Kurdy, Owner and Operator of Rainbow Design Builders Inc., is a true Idaho Native, born and raised in Rupert, a small farming community south of Sun Valley. He started skiing at 3 years old and started building houses with his uncle at the age of 13. Dan has been quoted in saying, “I’ve gotten good at only two things in life. Skiing and building houses, but not necessarily in that order!”

His uncle, a Master Craftsman, taught Dan from the beginning to plan your work properly, to do the work right and to watch your budget, so as to take pride in the finished product. Now a Master Craftsman himself, Dan is proud to say he has worked on every project undertaken by RDB and after almost 50 years can claim through experience, that he has, “forgotten more than most General Contractors will ever know!”

foundationAfter many years of working for the other guys (including a large firm in California where he was offered a partnership), Dan started his own business of RDB in 1983, specializing in high end housing. Since then, RDB has built some of the finest residences in Seattle and the Wood River Valley (Sun Valley, Golden Eagle, The Valley Club), in all price ranges, with a number of projects that took 2-3 years to construct and finish.

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